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Looking around your room are you starting to realise how much you have accumulated this year?

All the books, clothes, TV’s, and bedding. The thought of moving it all home only to move it back again weeks later. Does dumping it all on your parents doorstep fill you with dread? For a quick, easy and affordable solution, simply store your items in one of our convenient and competitively priced self storage units.

Store it, don't haul it.

Rather than hauling your excess baggage back and forth, why not store it instead? It often costs less to store than it does to transport.

Quick, convenient and affordable.

Our units are in close proximity to Huddersfield University and the motorway, making the process quick and hassle free, saving you much needed time and energy.

With highly competitive pricing, flexible terms and payment plans, storing your belongings has never been so easy.

Safety first!

The safety of your goods is our number one concern. We are a family run business who truly cares.

We have top of the range CCTV, locks and new high tech motion sensors so you can relax during your holidays with complete peace of mind.

CCTV cameras provide complete 24/7 coverage of our entire site.
  • COVID-19

In these times, keeping our distance and protecting our loved ones has never been so important. By storing your belongings rather than moving them from place to place and contact to contact, we can help to stop the spread of infection. You will have access to your own storage unit and only you will come in to contact with your goods.

Still not sure?

Let us help you decide. Call, email, or chat via Facebook Messenger.