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Near Huddersfield

Are you are running out of space for your stock? Are you fed up with paying for ridiculously priced commercial leases? Do you need somewhere safe, affordable and flexible to store all your goods? Look no further! We have the solution for you.

Running your own company can be tough. As a local, family run business ourselves, we truly understand that saving money wherever possible and providing clients with the best possible service and products, often goes hand in hand.

We can offer you local, flexible and affordable storage for all your business needs. Supporting local business is close to our hearts!

Online companies can be incredibly lucrative, as overheads are significantly reduced without the need for shops or big commercial leases. The downside is, your house may start to look like a warehouse! We understand that your stock levels can change week to week so we offer flexible storage solutions to ensure you are never paying for more space than you need. You have easy access to all your goods, 24 hours a day and our sites are secure, safe and competitively priced.

Do you own a shop our business in the area? Do you need extra storage for your stock, inventory or out of season goods? We can provide you with a flexible, affordable solution that will enable your business to thrive.

Save money and space now, whilst having unlimited access to your stock, stored in a local, secure space, run by a fellow local run company.

Don't chance it, store it. Tools are incredibly valuable items and storing them in your van is not the safest option. Theft on work vans is on the rise throughout the country and the last thing you need is stolen goods and high insurance premiums.

We work with many local customers who drop off their tools daily with the peace of mind knowing that their goods are protected safely. Close access to the motorway and the Huddersfield area means your tools are always within quick reach.

You can drive into our units 24 hours a day, you have your own key and in turn you will have a stress free mind.

Local businesses trust us with the safety of their goods year after year. We are always at hand to help. You have complete access to your storage and it is protected with our high end security systems. We have top notch CCTV along with new high end motion sensors. We are here to support our local businesses and are happy that you chose to support us too.

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