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4 Ways Self Storage Can Help You Move Home

Published Dec 1, 2020

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in life, although it can be extremely therapeutic. Out with the old, in with the new. As with most things in life, a little preparation goes a long way. In this guide we will share with you four ways that a self storage unit can drastically improve the moving process.

1) Reduce stress

Storing your things in a self storage unit gets them out of the way until you're ready to deal with them. Less things to worry about, less unpacking and less boxes to trip over. Your new house will feel like a home just that little bit quicker.

2) Sell your home quicker

Have you ever gone to view a prospective property only to be put off by the decor? It can be difficult and even off-putting to picture a home with somebody elses posessions inside.

Give potential buyers a blank canvas by storing your things in a self storage unit. You can get your clutter out of the way without parting with your cherished belongings. The key is to create a neutral, welcoming space that invites the prospect to dream. By maximizing the floor space you may even improve the perceived value.

3) Save on removal costs

Removal companies can be expensive, and with storage plans starting from as little as £2.52 per day, it is often cheaper to move things in stages, using our self storage units as a temporary storage space.

4) Take stock, cash in

If you are consolidating two households into one, you could find that you have two of everything and may need to store your excess items until you decide what to do with them next.

Our convenient, affordable and secure storage solutions are a great way to store the excess until you've had chance to sell them.

Are you moving home?

Do it in stages with a self storage unit starting form as little as £2.52 per day.